Gemini Hair Is the New Hair Trend You Must Try Right Now

Gemini hair trend is this year’s rising star, and if you haven’t given it a try just yet – here is everything you need to know about this zodiac energized new hair color.

When you can’t pick one shade for your hair, then what happens? Yes, we are way ahead of the days when we were able to decide which bold color we loved the most and went for it. We have a new hair color trend which was inspired by the astrological sigh ‘Gemini’, and everyone is already in love.

What exactly is gemini hair? Have you ever thought like a gemini? Like, when you can not decide between this or this, maybe that or that? Now that hair color trend must be just right for you.

Gemini hair involves two bold colors in one hairstyle and get its name from the astrological sign. The philosophy is ”more is more” in hair color form. The new hair trend is rising like there’s no tomorrow, and seems like we will be still talking about it even at the end of 2023.

The most color combinations are bright blues, purples and pinks. Especially lavender and blonde combination is twice on the rise. If you are wondering which color combination would suit you the best, hair professionals advice to look at your base first. For example, they recommend pinks, purples, greens, and blues for black hair, whereas blue, red, yellow and black for blondes.

If you’ve always wanted to try something out of the circle, different and bold – now it’s time. This year is for gemini hair! Today I’ve rounded up a few different gemini hair color combinations for some inspiration. First, check your base and consult to your hair colorist for more information – or directly decide together which color combination suits you the best.

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Without further ado, let’s go.

1. Lilac and Blue

Gemini hair design color lilac and blue

Get inspired by @jhair_stylist

2. Black and Silver

Gemini Hair design color black and silver

Get inspired by @glammedwithmel

3. Cruella Vibes

Gemini hair design color black and white

Get inspired by @kehlani

4. Black and White Braids

Gemini hair design color braided black and white

Get inspired by @braidedbytee

5. Neon Green and Orange

Gemini hair color neon green and orange

Get inspired by @bescene

6. Raspberry & Blueberry

Gemini hair color raspberry and blueberry

Get inspired by @jhair_stylist

7. Copper and Blonde

Gemini hair color copper and blue

Get inspired by @bescene

8. Red and Black Harmony

Gemini hair color black and red

Get inspired by @rowisingh

9. Mint Green

Gemini hair color mint green

Get inspired by @bescene

10. Peekaboo Pink and Purple

Gemini hair color peekaboo pink and purple

Get inspired by @jhair_stylist

11. Pink and Orange

Gemini hair color pink and orange

Get inspired by @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

12. White Striped

Gemini hair color white striped

Get inspired by @bescene

13. Blonde and Copper Curls

Gemini hair color blonde and copper curls

Get inspired by @curlyyheadyazzz

14. Blonde and Pink

Gemini hair color blonde and pink

Get inspired by @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

15. Peach and Cherry

Gemini hair color peach and pink

Get inspired by @bleachlondon

16. Cruella

Gemini hair color cruella

Get inspired by @jhair_stylist

17. Electric Pink

Gemini hair color electric pink

Get inspired by @bescene

18. Icy Blue and Pink

Gemini hair color icy blue and pink

Get inspired by @jhair_stylist

19. Aqua and Indigo

Gemini hair color aqua and indigo

Get inspired by @georgiamayjagger

20. Blonde and Pale Pink

Gemini hair color blonde and pale pink

Get inspired by @bleachlondon

21. Deep Brown and Magenta Curls

Gemini hair color brown and magenta curls

Get inspired by @jhair_stylist

I hope you liked this post and found what you were looking for. Do not forget to regularly care for your hair and adjust a weekly hair care routine for the best results, and the most lively colors. If you haven’t yet embraced a weekly hair care routine – check out my lazy and effortless weekly hair care routine here. It’s totally beginner friendly and step by step.

Also, don’t forget reading my DIY natural hair masks for growth. Any kind hair care routine requires you some kind of hair food, or mask and I recommend the diy natural ones. They are budget friendly, organic and foolproof for faster hair growth. (Last one is my all time fav!)

Let your creativity run wild, and thanks for reading.

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